Free Business Tools | Top 10 Business Tools Startups Must Have
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Free Business Tools

Top 10 Free Business Tools Every Startup Needs

Launching a startup is exciting for entrepreneurs but comes with many challenges. Starting a new business isn’t about developing a website, taking it online, and running ads to promote it, but how you manage it to achieve growth.

From recruitment and marketing to business operations, every critical area should involve a tool or software to plan and execute the tasks efficiently.

From marketing to project management, these resources or tools can help your team stay focused and organized to achieve your business goals. Fortunately, many free business tools for startups are available in the market to help streamline your business operations, enhance team productivity, and drive potential growth.

So, without wasting any time further, check out our top picks of free online business tools and give your startup the growth it requires.

Free Business Tools for Startups

01. Canva


A user-friendly online graphic design tool, Canva is one of the best online tools for startups to develop marketing materials, and create social media creative, business presentations, corporate videos, and more.  

Comprises of a vast library of pre-made templates, elements, and premium photos, Canva is super easy to use so that even those who don’t have any prior designing experience can create quality graphics.

02. Trello


A successful startup demands project collaborations, effective internal communication, and strong management to achieve the desired goals. You can leverage all these things using Trello, one of the most powerful project management tools available in the market that uses lists, boards, and cards to help your team organize daily tasks.

Trello is perfect for startups who don’t want to spend much on so many tools for different tasks. So, using Trello, they can easily manage their projects, collaborate with team members, and keep track of project deadlines from one place.

03. Hootsuite


Managing numerous social media accounts can be overwhelming for startups with a minimum team. But Hootsuite can help them simplify the process by managing multiple social media channels from just a single dashboard.

This social media management tool allows startups to schedule posts, track social media performance, and run promotional ads from one place, which helps save time and effort.

04. HubSpot CRM

Hubspot CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the most critical areas for any startup to grow in the long run. So, this is vital for newly launched businesses to manage this area effectively.

To manage client servicing, startups can leverage HubSpot CRM, a powerful tool that helps startups manage their sales pipeline and customer interactions. HubSpot CRM offers features such as email tracking, leads management, sales reporting, and client engagement. The free version of HubSpot CRM provides startup’s all the essential tools needed to develop and maintain client relationships.

05. Google Workspace

Google Workspace

Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) offers a wide range of business productivity tools, including Google Drive, Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets, and Calendar, that a startup must need to manage its daily tasks efficiently.

The free version of Google Workplace offers startups essential business management tools for team collaboration, document creation, video meetings, and file storage, all apps integrated into a single platform.

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06. Mailchimp


Mailchimp is a renowned email marketing company that allows businesses to send bulk marketing e-mailers to their clients. The company offers a free plan for small businesses including features like email designing, campaign creation, mail automation, and tracking.

An easy-to-use bulk emailing platform, Mailchimp helps startups engage with their target audience and establish strong customer relationships.

07. WordPress


Recognized as one of the famous content management systems (CMS), WordPress allows startups to design and manage their business websites.   

The free WordPress plan offers some basic website features, a collection of themes, and plugins to customize any business website. WordPress is an ideal website development tool for startups looking to build a professional online presence without investing much.

08. Asana


Asana is one of the comprehensive project management tool designed to help teams and individuals keep track of various tasks and responsibilities, delegate, effective communication, and monitor progress through different project stages.

Its powerful system integrations and a robust user-friendly interface make it a great choice among small businesses, enterprises, and startups.

09. QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online

Self-employed individuals or startups can leverage the free version of QuickBooks Online, which offers many important features like invoicing, expense tracking, and access to basic financial reports.

A trusted and renowned name in the accounting industry, QuickBooks Online provides startups with all the necessary tools they require to keep their finance management in order.

10. Zoom


Post Covid 19 pandemic, many companies around the globe allow their employees to work from home. The management and the employees have to communicate through video calls.

Video communication is today’s need! Thus, Zoom, a cloud-based video communication app, offers several features, including screen sharing, one-on-one meetings, video recording, and hosting video conferences from a single dashboard.

Anyone from anywhere can access this robust video conferencing platform as it is well-compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS.


These free tools for startups listed above are some of the best available in the market. These apps offer robust features without huge investments, making them the best choice for any startup looking to succeed in a competitive market.

Leveraging all these free business tools, startups can focus more on growth and innovation by enhancing their team productivity, optimizing operations, managing daily workflows, and maintaining their resources.

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